Read Optics Telescopic Reading Glasses in Black. Portable Emergency Folding Specs in Strong Micro Tr

£23.90 (as of October 30, 2018, 2:24 am)

✅ PATENTED POCKET SIZE FOLDING READERS IN HARD CASE: Quick to unfold into full size eye glasses and foldaway again. Small felt lined strong plastic holder with magnetic flip-top prevents damage. Discreet, practical and convenient compact spectacles fit jeans, shirt or jacket pockets and the smallest handbags. Ideal for shopping labels, restaurant menus, as travel glasses or spares in the car
✅ SOLID QUALITY, BEWARE OF CHEAP IMITATIONS: Modern unisex full frame metal folding glasses that are lightweight yet strong and durable, employing premium steel alloys in a matt black finish. Read Optics hinged frame ready readers are precision engineered to ensure they are easy to use and will fold away smoothly for years to come
✅ COMFORTABLE FIT with 138 DEGREE SLIM TELESCOPIC ARMS: Glasses employ ultra light, rigid steel extending temples in 3 sections that both enable super compact folding to mini pocket size and in combination with an 138 degree hinge action also give an adjustable lightweight fit so comfy you’ll forget you’re wearing specs.